Spiritual Master

Shreeguru Balaji has been born for a spiritual mission and had been an extraordinary child right from his birth. His father was aware of the child’s spiritual purpose and provided the necessary culturing for the child’s future. He was an authority on the ancient texts and the young boy’s initiation into the world of the Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas, mantras and other spiritual techniques began early. At the age of five he began a formal academic as well as a spiritual education and went on to obtain degrees in engineering and Ayurveda.

His spiritual responsibilities began at the age of thirteen with a darshan (vision) of Lord Dattatreya (He is the Manifestation of the Supreme and the deity of all Spiritual Gurus).

Shreeguru Balaji’s educational and medical work has been achieved as a corollary to his spiritual mission. He is, at the core, a spiritual preceptor to hundreds through direct initiation into Santulan Om Meditation - and indirectly, to millions through his projects, lectures, programmes and writings.

A spiritual initiation is a rebirth and the Master is friend, philosopher and guide on the precarious journey to the Self. Shreeguru Balaji is one such Universal Master in a long line of direct initiates of Lord Dattatreya. He believes that life is to be celebrated and his work leads one and all towards this goal to find one’s own way to balance, contentment and a state of constant bliss.

Ayurveda Legend

‘Ayurveda is not just a form of medicine. It is a way of life and the path to a healthy body, mind and soul’ - Balaji Tambe

Shreeguru Balaji Tambe has brought about a scientific re-interpretation of the Vedas and Ayurveda and been a pioneering Ayurvedic physician for forty-five years. He has revived the ancient Panchakarma tradition that had been lost over the last few centuries. His centers in Germany and India are perhaps the only places in the world offering the traditional, authentic Panchakarma treatment. Shreeguru Balaji then further developed this treatment into the Santulan Panchakarma, where he integrated it with yoga, meditation and healing music. The Santulan Panchkarma is the only treatment that offers purification of the Five Elements in the body and mind. Shreeguru Balaji has also developed an extraordinary ability to use pulse diagnosis to find the imbalance in the body even before disease manifestation, thereby putting into actual practice the motto of ‘prevention better than cure’. Shreeguru Balaji has devised more than a hundred proprietary medicinal formulations based on a completely new understanding of Ayurveda and enhanced the science of Ayurvedic physiotherapy.

Building awareness about the science of Ayurveda has been one of Shreeguru Balaji’s most important goals through lectures in India and especially in Europe and other countries as well. The painstaking, deep education over decades has now developed into a large following. Thousands of people have adopted SKY, SOM and SANTULAN AYURVEDA practices and philosophies and experience success along with inner peace and contentment as part of Shreeguru Balaji’s SOM Lifestyle.

Shreeguru Balaji’s Santulan Ayurveda has been able to provide medicines of the highest quality, made in his own world-class pharmacy, at prices affordable for the common man in India. Many of his formulations are being exported and extremely well received in Europe as well as other countries. He has completely revamped the credibility of Ayurveda in India, especially in his native, 120 million strong, Maharashtrian community. It is astounding that as an individual pharmacologist his medicines have reached more than half a million people.

Atmasantulana Village

In 1982, on the basis of the Vedic lifestyle, Shreeguru Balaji established the Atmasantulana Village at Karla in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Here he helps patients bring balance in body, mind and soul through the Atmasantulana (Atma-Soul, Santulan-Balance) way of life. The purpose is not merely to cure disease, but to increase health and enhance one’s entire outlook towards life. Here, Shreeguru Balaji established the first AyurvedicPanchakarma therapy centre in the world for the Santulan Panchakarma that he had been practicing since the 1970’s. The facility has gained a reputation for its effective management and treatment of chronic diseases like those of the heart, brain, fertility problems, metabolic disorders, nervous system diseases, kidneys and other difficult diseases.

Shreeguru Balaji focuses on the practical application of Ayurvedic principles in everyday life. His approach to health integrates the curative aspects of yoga, pranayam, healing music and meditation and a natural diet in accordance with each individual’s constitution.

He also carries out regular interactions and satsangs at the village. His ability to present ancient and complex spiritual concepts in extremely easy terms endears him to old and young alike.

Santulan Aum Kurzentrum und Santulan Veda

Shreeguru Balaji’s centre Santulan Aum Kurzentrum, at Gleichen, near Stuttgart, in Germany also offers the complete, traditional Santulan Panchakarma. The facility is known to provide excellent treatment and a serene atmosphere for rejuvenation. Ayurvedic health products, books, CDs and personalized attention there ensure that guests can become part of the community and avail of the benefits long after they have completed the residential treatment.

Santulan Ayurveda shops and clinics have been established in Munich, Frankfurt and Hamburg to provide world-class Ayurvedic healthcare in Europe.

Santulan Veda is a charitable trust that manages Shreeguru Balaji’s educational activities in Germany, from organizing his annual musical concerts and seminars in Germany to facilitating the Santulan community’s events in Europe and celebrated 30 years of establishment in September 2013.

Balance through diet

The Santulan concept of diet and food is the ancient traditional understanding of Anna Yoga (science of food). Meals are planned according to the different seasons of the year, considering the balance of Vata, Pitta and Kapha Doshas, and the maintenance of Agni (digestive fire in the body), the six different Rasas (tastes) and ultimately, the seven Dhatus (levels of tissue - from blood to vitality).

Food is the largest and most important source of energy. The type of food taken by an individual decides the quality of energy that he can generate. In addition, cooking methods that enhance nutrition and make food easier to digest are all part of Santulan Anna Yoga and integral to the life and treatment offered at the Atmasantulana Village. Shreeguru Balaji has rediscovered the deeply scientific basis of cooking in the Indian home to achieve the optimum balance between taste and nutrition. Modern sciences are now confirming the principles of food that he has been propagating for the last 40 years.

The Healing Touch

Shreeguru Balaji has also developed a special yoga technique that offers all round hormonal balance, called Santulan Kriya Yoga (SKY).

In addition to practicing and spreading Ayurveda, Shreeguru Balaji has evolved a complete and holistic system of healing that is beyond medicines. He is known to have a ‘healing touch’ and is able to evoke the healing process in his patients.

The curative powers of chanting specific mantras composed in the appropriate musical raga have been uncovered by Shreeguru Balaji. He regularly conducts healing music concerts and has composed and produced several albums of healing music. He has researched the ancient chants recommended for healing and development and uses them to target specific health problems effectively.

Shreeguru Balaji has given ‘diksha’ (spiritual initiation) to many into ‘Santulan Om Meditation’ or SOM Yoga. This seven-fold technique’s most important features include Om chanting, social service and group meditation and is effective for healing at all levels – body, mind and soul.

Natural Medicine

Traditional Process. Modern Technology.

Shreeguru Balaji’s medicines are based exclusively on Ayurvedic products grown and harvested according to the appropriate method and season as prescribed in the ancient texts. The processes of culturing medicines are conscientiously followed at his pharmacies without resorting to shortcuts that result in a loss of quality. At the same time, being an engineer, Shreeguru Balaji has used all available modern technologies to scale up and optimize the art of Ayurvedic pharmacology.

Santulan Ayurveda Garbha Sanskar

One of Shreeguru Balaji’s most noteworthy contributions is his book Ayurvedic Garbha Sanskar. It guides a couple from the period of pre-conception, through pregnancy, childbirth and up until the child is two years old. The book has been selected by the United States Library of Congress as a significant contribution to society.

Children are the future of the human race. The propagation and continuous evolution of the human being is dependent on the health of women and their new borns. The project has helped hundreds of thousands of families. At any time, one can see a number of couples at the Atmasantulana Village undergoing the Garbha Sanskar treatment for healthy pregnancies and well-developed babies.

The SOM Lifestyle Program

Santulan Veda: Education

Includes awareness workshops and seminars to spread Vedic sciences, especially Ayurveda and subjects like Indian Spirituality, Chakra Healing, Ashish Technique, etc.

Santulan Kriya Yoga (Sky): Developing Health of Body, Mind and Soul

A short and simple everyday yoga specifically designed by Shreeguru Balaji Tambe to include Hatha Yoga and pranayama benefits without the rigid disciplines.
Sky is a combination of the hitherto secret methods of the ancient masters combined with pranayama, regular yoga asanas and psychological exercises that help tackle the stress of modern life. Part of the daily Santulan Panchakarma routine, Sky involves minimal physical strain, and can be performed by all age groups, including heart and blood pressure patients. It delivers excellent results, even for hormonal disorders, with just 20-30 minutes practice every day.

Healing Music: Quick and Effective Sound for Wellness

Music is a method of communication easily recognized across age and culture. Vedic chants are essentially a sound code to generate various energies and capacities in the human brain. Shreeguru Balaji combines the ancient chants with his research into the ragas to evolve music that has medicinal use. Delivered in his own voice, cultured by years of chanting and meditation, this music works at deep physiological and psychic levels for healing.

Santulan Om Meditation: Daily Meditation

SOM meditation brings freedom from stress. It is a solution that offers good health, success and better relationships. When practiced in conjunction with ethical living, it aids spiritual advancement too. Shreeguru Balaji has initiated a guided Santulan Om Meditation album, and a guided Yoga Nidra Meditation for stress free sleep.

Shreeguru Balaji's OM Chanting Technique

Shreeguru Balaji has developed a sound-based meditation centered on a unique method of chanting ‘AUM’ or ‘OM’. It works on several different levels and consists of two aspects:

Chanting stotras (long mantras):

This has a particular effect on our mind and body. The production of the sounds of the Sanskrit alphabet (the ancient Indian scientific language) are connected with the chakras (energy centres in our body) that are also connected with different organs. Chanting resonates in the chakras and therefore within the body’s organs, including the brain. The sounds are also directly ‘understood’ by the brain, like machine code is understood by a computer. These sound vibrations have various positive effects. Stotras are chanted on a regular basis in order to increase energy, balance the effect of the planets in our solar system, reduce fear, and for universal healing.

AUM (or OM) chanting:

The sound OM is the basic vibration of the universe. It contains all other sounds within it. All major Indian traditions refer to ‘OM’ as the ultimate meditation tool. While listening is also helpful, chanting provides superlative benefits. Shreeguru Balaji has realized that at an advanced level of chanting, the practitioner is unable to tell whether the chanting and listening are two separate acts, and whether one is actually chanting or the sound is being produced all by itself. This is the state in which the higher benefits of OM are experienced.

OM, being a sound, is a product of space, and space is connected to the human psyche and behavior. Through SOM meditation techniques developed by Shreeguru Balaji Tambe one can bring about a positive change in human creativity and conduct.

OM is experienced by advanced practitioners as total consciousness. Chanting AUM helps us to merge into this consciousness and to merge into our Self. Through this process one can discover and realize one’s true potential in order to live it.


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